Philpott & Collins

Philpott & Collins


Eric Philpott & Charles Collins (1876-1931) originally worked as compositors for The Bulawayo Chronicle.

Around 1902 they formed a partnership, taking ownership of an existing printing and stationery business, Case & Co. The business was located in the Main Avenue Buildings on the corner of 7th Avenue and Main St, Bulawayo. In July, 1902, they became one of the first Rhodesian publishers of picture postcards.

From around 1906, they began to publish books. Some of their more famous books include The Bulawayo Cookery Book (1909), Rhodesian Rhymes (1909) More Rhodesian Rhymes (1913) and Bird’s Tales (1930). By 1908 they had re-located to the Brest Building in Abercorn St where they also sold curios.

Charles Collins died at the Cecil Hotel, Bulawayo on 7th March, 1931 and it appears that Philpott moved to Northern Rhodesia, as an article in the Cape Times in 1938 noted he was a resident from there.

Soon after the business became Philpott & Collins Ltd.By the 1950’s it again changed to Philpott & Collins (PVT) Ltd.


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