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Since December, 2015, the Rhodesian Study Circle has transitioned itself from an established philatelic society to one catered for the 21st Century collector. With thousands of images and over 5,500 pages of philatelic items, we are combining philately with the colourful history of Central Africa to help support you in building your collections.

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January, 2022

1. We have obtained copies of the first 60 publications of News from Barotsi-land, a publication by the UK based support group of the Paris Missionary Society in Barotseland. These have all been copied and loaded onto the website. They are extremely rare and brittle and have been carefully copied for us.

2. We are redeveloping the pages on this website concerned with the iconic Double Head Issue and have added sections on:


  1. The 1d Rhodesia Double Head 
  2. The Plating and Positioning of the 1d Double Head
  3. Double Heads: The Bi-coloured Values by Stephen Reah-Johnson & Simon Hensman
  4. Rhodesia: The Bi-Coloured Double Heads, Edition XI: (Revised 10 November, 2021) by Major David C. Underwood and Stephen Reah-Johnson, Edited by Alan Hanks & Simon Hensman
  5. The 1924 Double Head ‘Remainders’ (CTO’s)

3. Encyclopaedia of Rhodesian and Zimbabwean Postage Stamps since  1964

Apart from regular updates, this section of the Journal is now complete. It has been updated on 21 January, 2022, with a number of revisions and all the 2021 issues.


This is now up and going. Great news! It is a work-in-progress.


This is now up and running. The first draft is completed.

6. RSC Virtual Competitions 2021

The results and entries can now be viewed on the website.

7. Postmarks

A new section being built on the website.

An updated version of Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia 1911-1980

8. Postal Routes

A new section being built on the website.

9. Recent Publications now available