Glendale was named after a town in Northumberland, England. It is a small farming community village and administrative center with high yields of maize, cotton and horticultural products along with cattle and pigs.

The suburbs in Glendale include Valley Low Density, Tsungubvi Township, Sisk, Rujeko, Highway, Westville and Eastview residential suburbs.


Postal Services

Also known as Glendale Station, the name was officially changed to Glendale on 30 May 1918. Mail service was by rail.

  • 1915.01.13 – First postal services under the name Glendale.
  • 1915.02.25 – Opened as a Post and Telegraphy Agency using the name Glendale Station.
  • 30.05.1918 – Upgraded to a Money any Telegraph Office.
  • 1931.01.01 – Renamed to Glendale.