Rhodesia Railways Ltd

Rhodesia Railways Ltd

Line construction began in September 1892.The Bulawayo line was completed in October 1897 and the Mutare line in February 1898. The link between Salisbury and Bulawayo was finally completed in October 1902 after initial construction was brought to a halt by the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War in October 1899, when materials had to be brought in on the Beira line.

The next stage was the line northwards from Bulawayo, which began in 1903, crossed the
Zambezi River at Victoria Falls in September 1905 and reached the Congo border in December 1909.

For several years this whole system was operated by the Mashonaland Railway Company under the title Beira and Mashonaland and Rhodesia Railways, but on 1 October 1927 Rhodesia Railways Company became the working company.

On 1 October 1936 Rhodesia Railways Limited became the owners of the whole railway system in Zimbabwe and Zambia as well as the Vryburg-Bulawayo section.

On 1 April 1947 the then Rhodesian Government acquired the assets of Rhodesia Railways Limited and on 1 November 1949 the undertaking became a statutory body known as Rhodesia Railways. On 1 July 1967 the system was divided at the Victoria  Falls bridge, with Zambia Railways in the north and Rhodesia Railways in the south.

The Rhodesia Railways was re-designated Zimbabwe Rhodesia Railways on 1st June, 1979 and finally National Railways of Zimbabwe on 1st May, 1980 soon after the attainment of national Independence.




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