Roan Antelope Copper Mines Ltd

Roan Antelope Copper Mines Ltd


In 1902, prospector/explorer, William Collier, shot and killed a Roan Antelope on the banks of the Luanshya River, discovering a copper deposit in the process. The antelope fell to the ground, its head resting on a rock where an exposed seam of copper ore was visible. The mining company eventually formed to exploit Collier’s find was Roan Antelope Copper Mines Ltd.

In 1927, Roan Antelope Copper Mines was incorporated by Rhodesian Selection Trust Group to develop a mine, concentrator and smelter at the site. The first ore was hoisted 4 years later commencing production that continued until 2000. On 1st July, 1954, Roan Antelope Copper Mines Ltd ceased to be organised under the British Corporations Act and became incorporated under the Northern Rhodesia Company Ordinance. The peak production was in 1960 with 105,000 tonnes of copper.

The Zambian copper industry, including Roan Antelope, was nationalised in 1970, culminating in the formation of Zambian Consolidated Copper Mines in 1982. However, following the privatisation program that the Zambian government instituted in 1997, Roan Antelope was bought by an Indian based group that formed Roan Antelope Mining Corporation of Zambia, which was placed in receivership in late 2000.

Following heavy rains in 2001, the Luanshya dam overflowed, the Luanshya workings were flooded and the mine was officially closed permanently.


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