RANA – 1935: Beira > Umtali > Salisbury

Rhodesia and Nyasaland Airways



Flight Details

  • Date: 5th October, 1935
  • Pilot: J A C Florence
  • Total covers: Unknown
  • Philatelic Image Gallery: 

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Known Cover Listing

Beira to Umtali - 0 of Unknown
Umtali to Salisbury - 5 of 15
Date FrankedAdresseeSourceDestinationNotes
5th October, 1935Davidson, LUmtaliLimbe, NyaslandSigned by Pilot
4th October, 1935Jarvis, WUmtaliCape Town, S.Africa
5th October, 1935Morgan, AUmtaliLusaka, N.Rhodesia
5th October, 1935Richardson, HUmtaliSalisburyC/- Rhodesian Railways
5th October, 1935Wyndham, L.AUmtaliSalisbury