Jumbo Mine

Jumbo Mine

Mazoe District

Jumbo Mine was once known as Mazoe Siding, as at one time it was the terminus of the Mount Hampden rail line.

Jumbo Mine was established in 1890. Sir Charles Coghlan, a former member of “A” Troop of the Occupation Column, first pegged the Jumbo Mine in 1891. Jumbo Mine opened in April 1904 and milling stopped in 1917. During the period 1917 – 1932 treating of sands only took place.

The mine is now known as Mazowe Mine and is owned and developed by Metallion Corporation.

Postal Services

Originally Jumbo Mine. The postal services restarted in 1933 under the name Jumbo.

  • 1903.08.14 – Opened as Telegraph Office.
  • 1904.04.01 – Opened as Post Office. Mail service by cart or coach to Mazoe.
  • 1909.09.20 – Regraded as Money and Telegraph Office.
  • 1912.04.01 – Mail service by cart or coach to Passford Siding.
  • 1913.02.10 – Mail service by cart or coach to Jumbo Station.
  • 1916.10.31 – Regraded as Post and Telegraph Agency.
  • 1919.04.30 – Closed.