Beatrice Mine

Beatrice Mine

Hartley District

Beatrice Mine was in operation from 1895 to 1945 and was named after Beatrice Borrow, the sister of Lieutenant Henry J. Borrow, a member of the Pioneer Column.The mine was pegged by Frank Johnson & Company, Borrow being a partner of the firm.

The Beatrice Mine was originally floated by The Beatrice (Rhodesia) Co Ltd, in 1899. The company had an authorised capital of £200,000, of which £60,000 was issued for working capital. A certain amount of development work was done, and a ten-stamp mill, cyanide works, and other plants were erected.

However, owing to financial difficulties, the company let the property to tributors. After letting to the tributors, the company went into voluntary liquidation on 9 December 1908, the concern afterwards passing into private ownership.

In 1910 the mine was bought by the General Mining and Finance Corporation.Elaborate pumps were installed and the mine was further developed proving five shoots of ore.

Postal Services

The postal service was under Salisbury. Originally named Beatrice, the name was changed to Beatrice Mine from 1911 until 1953.

  • 1911.10.11 – Opened at a Post Office Agency and renamed Beatrice Mine. Mail service by runner to Salisbury.
  • 1912.11.04 – Mail service by coach.
  • 1915.07.21 – Regraded to a Money and Telegraph Office.
  • 1918.05.29 – Mail service by runner resumes.
  • 1920.05.00 – Mail service bi-weekly by runner.
  • 1925.05.00 – Mail service bi-weekly by motor service.
  • 1953.11.02 – Name reverts to Beatrice.