Rhodesian Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd

Rhodesian Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd

Bulawayo, Ndola, Salisbury, Umtali

The Rhodesian Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd. was floated on 8th March, 1927. It was a subsidiary of the Argus Printing & Publishing Company and was established to run Argus’ newspapers in Southern Rhodesia which included the Rhodesia Herald and Umtali Post.

After Rhodesia unilaterally declared independence on 11th November, 1965, it started censoring The Rhodesia Herald. The newspaper responded by leaving blank spaces where articles had been removed, enabling readers to gauge the extent of the censorship.

In 1981, after Zimbabwe became independent, the government bought The Herald and other papers from the Argus group, using a US$20 million grant from Nigeria, and established the Zimbabwe Mass Media Trust to operate them.

The Trust created Zimbabwe Newspapers, Ltd., as the publisher of the papers.



  • Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia (1952)
  • Keith Brodovcky
  • James Gavin
  • Walter Herdzik
  • Keith Harrop
  • Jeremy Jackman