Postal Sanctions Against Rhodesia 1965 to 1980 – Mike Hughes

Postal Sanctions Against Rhodesia 1965 to 1980

A collector’s guide with illustrations – by Mike Hughes

This study details the postal sanctions imposed by the British Government on Rhodesia’s postal services following the Declaration of Independence on 11th November 1965.

The 165 pages includes over 200 colour illustrations of an exceptional range of covers that have been subjected to postal sanctions by Britain or by other countries that imposed postal sanctions on Rhodesian mail themselves. Many illustrations are very rare and will be of interest to collectors.

Numerous topics are covered in the background notes including: –

  • what mail was subjected to postal sanctions
  • how surcharges were calculated in Britain for ordinary mail sent by surface and air, registered mail, mail underpaid and official mail
  •  how the British Post Office dealt with mail that was undelivered, needed to be forwarded or where the addessee refused to pay the surcharge
  •  which other countries surcharged Rhodesian mail and which countries suspended postal services with Rhodesia altogether