Globe and Phoenix Mine – Que Que

Globe and Phoenix Mine

Que Que




The Globe and Phoenix Gold Mine in Que Que (Kwekwe) was founded in 1894 by two prospectors, one Edward Thornton Pearson and another Joseph Schukala. The two gentlemen rediscovered a series of ancient mines which had been worked on for centuries by the Shona in Zimbabwe.

Legend has it that Pearson and Schukala were shown the ancient mines by a middle-aged Shona man who they gave two blankets before he could lead them where the ancient workings were. Widespread mining mainly for gold, copper and iron was done by the Shona long before contact with the European.


Olympic Gold Mines NL (OGM) is the holding company for 100% of KweKwe Consolidated Gold Mines Pvt Ltd (Zimbabwe) (KCGM) which collectively trades as Globe and Phoenix Gold Mining Company Limited (GPGMCL).

OGM was previously owned by Delta Gold NL and was fully purchased in 2002 by BioMetallurgical, a private mining and engineering company.

GPGMCL is focused on the major new development of the Globe and Phoenix mine. Having acquired, over the past 12 years, the majority of the mineral rights on the geological strike North of the Globe and Phoenix in KweKwe, the plan is to develop a decline from the ANZAC mine approx 8 km NNW of the Globe and Phoenix mine.

The decline will pass along the geological strike and underneath over 100 old shafts and 1000’s of small workings from which several hundred thousand ounces were also mined during 1900 to 1960’s. It should be noted that the second and third largest gold producers in the KweKwe region are the Gaika and Indarama mines which lay immediately South and North respectively of the GPGMCL decline Project.