Focus Limited

Focus Limited


It appears that a series of postcards were produced by a company called Focus Limited in Gatooma. Research indicates that Director James Blake Dalrymple (b.1912), a Photographer, Director and specialist in educational and documentary films since 1933 established the business.

J. Blake Dalrymple emigrated to Rhodesia in 1950 where he formed Films of Africa Ltd with his brother-in-law Dick Peel for the production of documentary, training and advertising films mainly for black audiences. Around 1960, for Shell, he scripted, directed and photographed the award winning film The Captive River, the story of the building of the Kariba Dam.

Dalrymple eventually moved to Johannesburg to take over documentary producers Cineunion. They later became the Independent Film Centre. He is regarded by many as southern Africa’s greatest documentary filmmaker. He became President of the South African Society of Cinematographers and the Motion Picture Producer’s Association. He retired circa 1980.

In 1954, Dalrymple’s address is given as Wick Estate in Gatooma which correlates with the location of the postcards. He was also noted as a director for Focus Limited.