Roman Catholic Church: Mpiri Mission

Roman Catholic Church

Mpiri Mission

Victor Vaessen, with the Catholic Montfort Missionaries, established Mpiri Mission in the Manchinga District of Nyasaland (Malawi) in 1935. He had arrived in Nyasaland in 1927 and returned to The Netherlands in 1936. Montfortian Father Tarcisio Betti was at Mpiri as of approximately 1958. Fr. Frandesco Valdameri served at Mpiri sometime after 1958.

The mission, which also is known as Mission of St. Louis Montfort of Mpiri (or St. Louis de Montfort Mpiri parish), is part of the Diocese of Mangochi. It is the site of the Mpiri Catholic church, Mpiri Primary School and Mpiri Health Center (hospital), which provides medical services to a large area of Manchinga District. The Health Center was substantially renovated in 2010 and a well was dug to address the lack of drinking water that threatened to close the mission.


  • Mark Loomis