Pre-Production: 1963 – World Tobacco Congress

Rhodesia & Nyasaland

1963 – World Tobacco Congress

Fig. 1 – 3d

This is the emblem of the Tobacco Export Promotion Council of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (TEPCORN) taken from one of their export brochures. The plant shown is Nicotiana tabacum.

Fig. 2 – 2/6d

A hand of flue-cured tobacco lead. Image from a photograph from the official files.

Fig. 3 – 6d

An image of the tobacco fields representative of the Inyazura District of Southern Rhodesia. The photograph is also taken from a TEPCORN’s export brochure. On the back of the official photograph, a lane is marked with an ‘x’ with notes to add ‘a man in shorts and shirt and wearing a slouch hat.’

Fig. 4 & 5 – 1/3d

These two official photos were blended together to form the final design.

Fig. 3 was taken by the Rhodesian authorities but it was later decided to add a human element.

Fig. 4 was selected from the Rhodesia House files to introduce this human element. It shows a typical tobacco auction floor in Salisbury. The photograph is numbered ‘6534 of the Public Relations Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, photographed by H W Mills.’ It was taken in April 1961.