Monomatapa Hotel

Monomatapa Hotel


Construction on The Monomatapa Hotel was opened in 1974 and was designed by Roy Densem of Roy Densem & Partners Architects. It has a unique crescent-shaped frontage that overlooks Harare Gardens. It was originally managed by Southern Sun Hotel Corporation (Pty) Ltd and later Meikles Southern Sun, then Zimbabwe Sun Limited. The hotel is currently under the management of African Suns Limited.

The hotel was called the Monomatapa when it was first opened. It contained a number of dining and drinking venues such as Prospectors, Bali Hai, The 12 000 Horsemen, The Homestead and others. In the early 2000s the hotel hosted for a time a well-known restaurant that moved in from the suburbs called Le Francais.

The hotel underwent renovations in 1997. Branding has changed too, with the hotel becoming Crowne Plaza Monomotapa in the 1990s and, more recently, becoming the Monomotapa again (but with new spelling). Management of the hotel was franchised out to Legacy Hotels of South Africa in 2015 but this was terminated in 2019.