Midlands Hotel

Midlands Hotel

Gweru (Gwelo)

The Midlands Hotel was built in the year 1927 by the Meikle brothers and is one of the oldest hotels in Gweru (Gwelo).

During the 1970’s, management of the hotel passed over to the Southern Sun Hotel Pty Ltd.

By 2008, the hotel was about to be demolished. Due to the challenges faced by the hotel, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, which oversees the hospitality industry in the country, withdrew its three star recognition. However, after much protest, it was spared. The hotel is currently owned by Patrick Kombayi, a prominent Gweru businessman, ex-mayor, and politician known for his highly publicised criticism of the current government.

As a result of improvements, The Midlands Hotel clinched second position in the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce’s Best Business enterprise of the year for 2011. The hotel has established adjacent bars to cater for the needs of locals and clients from outside the city including a state-of-the art Casino in a separate bar, while those who enjoy sports can watch it live in the sports bar.


  • James Gavin
  • Walter Herdzik