Dwight Lamar Sherertz

Dwight Lamar Sherertz

(1893 -1970)

Dwight Lamar Sherertz, a Methodist Episcopal Church missionary to China and Southern Rhodesia, was born March 1893 in East Radford, Virginia. He received a B.A. from Roanoke College, an M.A. from Princeton University, and a honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Roanoke in 1945. He married Margarita Mary Parks (1889-1973) in October 1919, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William Hector Parks and a niece of Bishop Walter R. Lambuth.

In 1918 he began teaching English and religion at the junior and senior high schools in Soochow, China, a position he held until World War II when he was interned and then evacuated. Sherertz returned to China in 1945 and served as a liaison officer between Chinese and American troops. He continued to teach at Soochow University from 1946 until the Communist takeover in China in 1950.

Forced to leave China, Rev. Sherertz and his wife went to Southern Rhodesia in 1952 to work at the teacher training school and as an assistant minister at Old Umtali Mission until his retirement in 1957.  Rev. Sherertz died January 1970 in Silver Spring, Maryland. His wife died three years later in 1973.


  • Mark Loomis