Ohlsson’s Cape Breweries Ltd

Ohlsson’s Cape Breweries Ltd


Anders Ohlsson was born near Christiania, Norway, in 1841, and at the age of twenty-three he sailed for South Africa, where he started up business as an importer of Swedish goods before branching out as a trader in Damaraland in partnership with A W Erikkson.

On 5 January 1881 Ohlsson purchased from David Iredale, a miller, “ground called ‘Anneberg’, Palmboom, Rondebosch”, and it is believed he built a brewery at Anneberg immediately after obtaining possession called “A Ohlsson and Co, Millers, Brewers, Anneberg Brewery, Newlands”. On 12 February 1896 Ohlsson acquired Mariendahl, so that he then owned all the Newlands breweries, which were floated as a limited company under the style of Ohlsson’s Cape Breweries, Ltd.

In 1955, the South African government introduced a heavy tax on beer products causing many consumers to switch to spirits. However, the subsequent shock to the South African beer industry proved to be a blessing in disguise for SAB. In 1956, Castle Brewing purchased the Ohlsson’s and Chandlers Union breweries, and the group was renamed South African Breweries.