RANA – 1934: Salisbury to Blantyre

Rhodesia and Nyasaland Airways




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Date FrankedAdresseeDestinationNotes
8th March, 1934Bellia, Ing. AldeliaCholo
Xth March, 1934Besley, F.SLimbeC/- L.J Davidson
9th March, 1934Bowman, E.DZombaEducation office
8th March, 1934Crompton, J.WBlantyreSenior Postmaster
9th March, 1934Curnock, V.CZomba
9th March, 1934Curnock, V.CZomba
8th March 1934Davies, EBlantyreSigned by Pilot
8th March, 1934Hiteu, L (?)LimbeTrans Zambesi Railways
9th March, 1934Jarvis, A.R (?)BlantyreC/- RANA
9th March, 1934Kennedy, PatBlantyreC/- Mr Compton
9th March, 1934Kennedy, W.HBlantyreC/- Mr Crompton
9th March, 1934Orr, W.SLimbe
3rd March, 1934Owen, G.WLiliongwe
8th March, 1934Post MasterBlantyre
8th March, 1934RANABlantyreC/- C.J Christowitz
7th March, 1934Rawlins, Cpt. A. DendyBlantyreC/- F.E Copping
8th March, 1934Solomon, A.JBlantyreC/- RANA
8th March, 1934Standard Bank of S.A.Blantyre
9th March, 1934Stephens, FredBlantyreC/- Senior Postmaster
8th March, 1934Thomson, G.IBlantyreC/- C.J Christowitz
Signed by Pilot
9th March, 1934Tunstall, WLimbe
9th March, 1934Tunstall, WLimbe
8th March, 1934Ward, D.BBlantyreC/- C.J Christowitz
Signed by Pilot