RANA – 1934: Blantyre to Salisbury

Rhodesia and Nyasaland Airways


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Date FrankedAdresseeDestinationNotes
7th March, 1934Alfred, Patrick (?)London, UK
8th March, 1934Anderson, LHove, UK
7th March, 1934Armstrong, David??, Ireland
8th March, 1934Ashley, Elaine-MarieLondon, UK
8th March, 1934Ashley, Elaine-MarieLondon, UK
7th March, 1934Barron, BrianSalisbury, S.RhodesiaImperial Tobbaco Co Ltd
8th March 1934Bealder, W (?)??, UK
7th Marth, 1934Benge, MissAuckland, New ZealandVia Cape Town, S.Africa
8th March, 1934Blain, G.ABirmingham, UK
7th March, 1934Charlton, W.H.DSurrey, UKRedirected
8th March, 1934Christowitz, C. HCapetown, S.A
7th March, 1934Coleman, EdwardSurrey, UK
8rd March, 1934Coole. C.ASurrey, UK
8th March, 1934Coole, C.ASurrey, UK
8th March, 1934Crutchley, MissLondon, UK
8th March, 1934Danveau, AndreeParis, France
8th March, 1934Danveau, AndreeParis, France
8th March, 1934Dickie, JasDumfries, Scotland
8th March, 1934Frew, RLondon, UK
7th March, 1934Gallow, N.FSalisbury, S.Rhodesia
8th March, 1934Irvine, R.APerth, ScotlandC/- Mechie
Xth March, 1934Joseph, G.W.NWarrington, UK
Xth March, 1934Lennards LtdBristol, UK
7th March, 1934MacCallum, JRoodepoort, Transvaal
7th March, 1934MacCallum, JRoodepoort, Transvaal
8th March, 1934MacHerd, DavidManchester, UK
7th March, 1934McNeil, C.HSalisbury, S.Rhodesia
Xth March, 1934Mitchell, GeorgeGlasgow, Scotland
7th March, 1934Ness, JanetGlasgow, Scotland
7th March, 1934Orr, W.JMbeya, Tanganyika
7th March, 1934Orr, W.JMpika, N.Rhodesia
7th March, 1934Orr, AgnesGlasgow, Scotland
8th March, 1934Paterson, RichardHelensburgh, Scotland
8th March, 1934Paterson, RichardSalisbury, S.Rhodesia
8th March, 1934Paterson, RichardHelensburgh, Scotland
8th March, 1934Rawlins, JeanSalisbury, S.Rhodesia
8th March, 1934Redpath, Stuart JNairobi, KenyaUnclaimed
8th March, 1934Redpath, Stuart JCairo, EgyptRetour
8th March, 1934Ripick, N.LCleveland, Ohio
7th March, 1934Robertson, JSalisbury, S.Rhodesia
7th March, 1934Robertson, JJohannesburg, S.Africa
7th March, 1934Robertson, JWindhoek, S.W.A
8th March, 1934Seiler, FLondon, UK
7th March, 1934Slesser, JGlasgow, Scotland
8th March, 1934Smith, H.DAdelaide, S.AustraliaKarachi - Cancelled 16th March, 1934
7th March, 1934Smye, Cpt T.AGosport, UK
7th March, 1934Solomon, I.LCape Town, S.Africa
8th March, 1934Stephens, FrankBloemfomtein, S.Africa
8th March, 1934Storey, A.JSalisbury, S.RhodesiaC/-Vincent & Loynes
8th March, 1934Thompson. Cpt G.TSalisbury, S.Rhodesia
7th March, 1934Tunstall, WSalisbury, S.Rhodesia
7th March, 1934Tunstall, WNairobi, Kenya
7th March, 1934Tunstall, WNairobi, Kenya
8th March, 1934VanOs, H.GBatavia-Centrum, Netherlands
7th March, 1934Wheatcroft, W.ECape Town, S.AfricaC/- L.A Wyndham
8th March, 1934Wheatcroft, W.ELeicester, UK
7th March, 1934Wheatcroft, W.ELeicester, UK
8th March, 1934Wiley, HughDodoma, TanganyikaUnknown
8th March, 1934Wratten, Elaine (?)X, S.Africa
8th March, 1934Wyndham, L.AElizabethville, Belgian CongoC/- Thos, Cook & Son
2nd March, 1934Wyndham, L.ACape Town, S.Africa
7th March, 1934Wyndham, L.AElizabethville, Belgian-CongoC/- J.Contret
Thos, Cook & Son
8th March, 1934Wyndham, L.AWindhoek, S.W.AC/- W Senteve
Legislative Assembly
7th March, 1934Wyndham, L.AAlexandria, EgyptC/- G.E.E Rowe
Imperial Airways Ltd
7th March, 1934Wyndham, L.ACalcutta, IndiaC/- Lady Ezra
7th March, 1934Wyndham, L.AWindhoek, S.W.AC/- W.Schrve
Legislative Assembly
7th March, 1934Yeats, F.ASalisbury, S.Rhodesia