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  • Zimbabwe (20/3/2010)
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  • Cape Town (22/11/2010)
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  • London (22/1/2011)

The Double Head Centenary Celebrations (11-12/11/2010)

Three items for the Devil’s Stamp Collection – Stephen Reah-Johnson

Backwards and Forwards – Andrew Wilson

A safari to Victoria Falls – Alan Drysdall and Fernando Torres

BCA Revenues and the payment of the Hut Tax – James W. Bannister

The Imprints of the 1d. Southern Rhodesia Victory Issue – Christopher Cooksey

What the King thought – George Stewart

McNeil of Abercorn: filling in the gaps – Anita McCullough

WWII BOAC Cairo to Gwelo Service – George Stewart

Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie

Zimbabwean Concise Postage Stamp Catalogue


First published in printed format in 2001 by The Harare Stamp Company (Pvt) Ltd, the catalogue included all issues to 2010 and was available in several downloadable PDF sections including:

  • Preface
  • 1989-1985
  • 1986-1990
  • 1991-1995
  • 1996-2000
  • 2001-2005
  • 2006-2010
  • Postage Due and To Pay Labels


Complementing and enhancing this area of research can be found in the Rhodesian Study Circle’s Encyclopedia of Rhodesian & Zimbabwe Postage Stamps Since 1964.


Rhodesian Study Circle: 2008 Diamond Jubilee

Rhodeisan Study Circle

2008 Diamond Jubilee

Author: Captain David C. Underwood, Jnr based on the work of Stephen Reah-Johnson, Robert M. Gibbs, and Charles Temple.

Publisher: Rhodesian Study Circle

Details: 64 pages

Price: Out of stock.


No.117 March 1982



Vol. 32 No.1  March 1982/No.117



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  • Rhodesia – The First Official Airmails 1931-1932 – Colin Hoffman

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Rhodesian Study Circle Journal: No.1 June 1948

Rhodesian Study Circle Journal

No.1 June 1948

6, Quarry Close,

Hansford Square,

Combe Down,



Bulletin No. 1.                                                                                              JUNE 1948.


Dear Member,

This is the first news sheet of our Circle and although I deals chiefly with the more side of our studies, it is hoped it contains something of interest to you.

Please don’t keep items of interest to yourself, jot them down and pass them on to me so that they can appear in a subsequent issue of this circular. Space, however, is limited and the cost to produce even a small sheet like this is high, so short and to-the-point notes would be appreciated. All items of stamp news concerning Southern Rhodesia which I receive will be filled for reference this making the task of compiling a handbook a lot easier.


The latest additionas to S. Rhodesian postmarks are:

  1. EASTNOR, in single circle, 26 m.m. dia. First used March 1st, 1948. Originally named MOTAPA MINE.
  2. GLENGARRY, in sinlge circle, 25 m.m. dia.
  3. LUVEVE, in double circle with small crosses, 30 m.m. dia.

COLLEEEN BAWN has recently been re-opened and mark can be gound in single circle, 26 m.m. dia.

This single circle type of mark is what I believe postal officials term a “Relief date” stamp, it has movable type and is commonly used as a temporary measure when a double circle type or “fixed-place-date” stamper gets out of order. Seeminlgy most of the new post offices are first supplied with this S.C. type of stamper which is later replaced by a D.C. type. Sometimes, but not always, both kinds are in use concurrently.

My correspondent in S. Rhodesia has told me that two new marks may soon be in use, namely, BORROWDALE and KAROI.

Mr. Dann in his book (referred to under BIBLIOGRAPHY) lists, with illustrations, postmarks of the Rhodesias, B.C.A. and Nyasaland up to 1935. If these lists could be brought up to date and at the same time expandaded to include details of the different types of marks, they would be of great benefit to future students. A method whereby this could be done will be circulated separately.


Two interesting and constant varieties have recently been pointed out to me by Mr. Holmes.

  1. on S.G. 54 of S. Rhodesia – two small red lines under and slightly to the left of “O” in “Rhodesia”.
  2. on S.G. 27a of N. Rhodesia – ‘Bird’ on elephant’s head.

Can any member give the positions on the sheet of these varieties and say whether (2) also occurs on the original printing S.G. 27 and on the latest re-printing of this value?

Mr. Bent has a copy of S.G. 67 Rhodesia, in a different shade from normal, viz. chestnut brown and pale emerald: it does not appear to be a chemical changeling. Can any member give further information about it?

A block of four of the 1d S. Rhodesia “Royal Visit” stamp has been shown me by Mr. Edge: they are slightly thinner paper than the normal and the design shows through more prominently from the back. The difference is not considered of sufficient importance for them to be catalogued by Gibbons.


Central African Airways inaugurated the following services on February 22nd last between

(a) Bulawayo and Victoria Falls (b) Salisbury and Livingstone and (c) Livingstone and Lusaka.

It is not know if a special cachet was applied to mail.


Beware of fiscally used copies of the high values K.G. V issue of N. Rhodesia which have been cleaned, re-gummed and offered as “mint”. Also with S.G.’s 24 and 24a of S.Rhodesia, fiscally used copies of which have been cleaned and “post-marked”, the faking, however, is poorly executed. Verb sap.


The following articles which have been published in the philatelic press during the past few years are given merely for reference: further lists will appear from time to time.


  • S.M. – Gibbons Stamp Monthly
  • P. – The London Philatelist
  • M – Philatelic Magazine
  • L. – The Stamp Lover
  • C. – Stamp Collecting
  • P. – Harris Publications Ltd.
  • A.P. – S.African Philatelist
  • F. – Francis Field Ltd


“Study of the Kings’ head dies for the stamps of Southern Rhodesia” – W.G. Nodder. P.M. 19 Oct: 1945

“Shdes of Southern Rhodesia ‘Admirals’” – W.G. Nodder. P.M. 19 Dec: 1944

“Perforation Varieties of Southern Rhodesia’s first stamps” – W.G. Nodder. S.C. 18 March ‘44

“Flaws of Southern Rhodesia ‘Admirals’ “ – W.G. Nodder. P.M. 3 Oct: 1947

“Varieties of Southern Rhodesia ‘Small Falls’ “ – W.G. Nodder. P.M. 14 Feb: 1944


“Early Nyasaland Postmarks” – C.D. Twynam. G.S.M. Feb: 1947 and Feb: 1948

“Rhodesian & Nyasaland Postmarks” – W.G. Nodder. S.L. June/July 1946 & Dec: 1946

“Southern Rhodesia-R.A.F. Camp Postmarks” – W.G. Nodder. S.A.P. Jan: 1947

“Rhodesian Censor Marks & Seals & other War markings 1939-46” – Dr. J.H. Harvery Pirie, F.R.P.S.L. and W.G. Nodder. S.A.P. March 1947, May 1947 & Dec ‘47

“Nyasaland Censor Marks & Seals” – Dr. J.H. Harvey Pirie, F.R.P.S.L. S.A.P. March 1948.


“Nyasaland, the protectorates’ air postal history” – I.H.C. Godfrey. S.A.P. Feb: ‘47

“Air letters of Southern Rhodesia” – L.E. Creasy. S.A.P. June 1947


“The postage stamps of Rhodesia – official check list” – H.P. (handbook No. 6)

“The postage stamps of Southern Rhodesia – official check list” – H.P. (handbook No. 13)\

“The Air posts of South Africa” – Wyndham

“The Air Mail history of the Rhodesias & Nyasaland” – N.C. Baldwin – F.F.

“The Romance of the Posts of Rhodesia” – H.C. Dann (out of print)

“British Central Africa” – Melville

“The Bechuanalands” – Jurgens.



  1. EDGE, 25, SOUTH PARK RD, GATELY, CHESHIRE. Rhodesia, S. & N. Rhodesia & varieties; Postmarks. Rhodesian history.

O.G. HOLMES, “LYNDHURST”, 36, VESPER RD. LEEDS 5. S. Rhodesia imperfs and varieties. Postmarks. S. African varieties.

F.E. MORELY, 32, OUSE WALK, HUNTINGDON, HUNTS. Has recently commenced collecting Rhodesian stamps & is interested in all matters appertnining to them.

G.A.D. MOSS, 20, ESTELLE RD., HAMPSTEAD, N.W.3. S.Rhodesia including catalogued & uncatalogued varieties, mint & used: all postmarks.

W.G. NODDER, 6 QUARRY CLOSE, HANSFORD SQUARE, COMBE DOWN, BATH. Specialises in S. Rhodesia. Collects censored covers (World War II) and Air Mails of the Rhodesias & Nyasaland. Forming collection of postmarks of the Rhodesias, B.C.A. & Nyasaland.

G.B. PERRY, 21, ORONSAY CRESCENT, BEARSDEN, GLASGOW. Southern Rhodesia only. Postmarks and general.


Thus ends Bulletin No.1. It is hoped to issue the next number sometime in September which allows you plenty of time to send in those notes. Please do.

Good hunting,

Sincerely yours,


Dr. Alec Kaplan, P.O. Box 132, Germiston, So. Africa. Specialist in S.R. Working on Monograph. Has 10 albums and still wanting more. Also has duplicates for disposal. Pres. Phil. Soc. of Johannesburg.

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