World War 2: Civil Censorship – Southern Rhodesia

World War 2

Civil Censorship – Southern Rhodesia

During World War II, civil censorship was introduced in Southern Rhodesia by Post Office Department Circular 21 dated August 16, 1939 requiring that “all mail matter addressed to or emanating from countries not included within the British Empire must be forwarded by first post under cover addressed to the nearest Censor Officer.” There were three censorship offices in operation within the country: Salisbury, Bulawayo and Umtali.

A second period of censorship began September 4, 1940, sometimes referred to as the middle or “reorganisation period.” The office of Controller of Censorship was transferred from Salisbury to Bulawayo. It was during this period that a triangular censor mark was introduced. Censor numbers ran 1 through 18. It has been suggested that Southern Rhodesia censors were stationed at one of the three censorship offices noted above and would have been provided individual (numbered) censor stamps, both respect to the triangular censor marks and the later “DE” octagonal hand stamps.

Censorship Mark

  • Tony Banks
  • Johan Diesveld
  • Keith Harrop
  • Mark Loomis
  • Jefferson Ritson