Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society: Mutambara Girls School

Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society

Mutambara Girls School

In June 1918 the Methodist Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society (WFMS) began work at Mutambara Mission, laying the foundations of a girl’s school.  Lula Tubbs and Sadie Rexrode were the first WFMS missionaries at Mutambara.  They walked the fifty miles from Umtali to the mission in order to be able to visit the kraals along the way down – a journey that took them ten days.

Their work consisted of teaching in the Primary Department of the school and supervising the “industrial training” (sewing, etc.) of the girls.  In May 1919 construction of a schoolhouse began, which for some months housed the WFMS workers and the boarding girl’s school.  By 1922, total enrollment was 310 girls, with 72 in the boarding department (living at the mission).

  • Mark Loomis