Wide World Brotherhood

Wide World Brotherhood

The Wide World Brotherhood (WWB) was founded in 1949 by Horace Pitt-Kethley who at the time was editor of the The Wide World magazine. The WWB was a fraternal organisation for men and women “linked by a common bond of a love of travel and adventure” (Wide World magazine January 1956). To join the WWB cost 5/- (5 shillings), a once-off charge with no annual subscriptions thereafter and for which each new member received a welcoming letter from the editor, a certificate of membership and the enamel badge.

The Wide World magazine (WW) was a larger-than-life monthly publication and with its motto “truth is stranger than fiction” enticed their readers with stories of adventure and exploits from around the world (mainly non-fiction). First published from 1898 by the 1960’s its style was seen as outdated and with changes in readership tastes, its publication ceased in 1965.

The Wide World magazine provided a forum through which members advertised pen-pals, personal contacts, meetings, travel and other club related events. The WWB also organised local club meeting where members could get together and socialise.

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