Virtual Competitions

Virtual Competitions Rules

The Council of the RSC have decided, for 2021, to again hold the Livermore and Postcard as a virtual competition via our website. It will be run concurrently with our first RSC Virtual AGM and Conference. In addition, a virtual Single Sheet Competition will be held. All entries will have to be submitted by the latest 16 April, 2021.  


So in summary, there are three parts to our virtual competitions:

1:  The Livermore (16 sheets) – according to the Livermore rules see below

2: The Postcard Competition (16 sheets) – also see below

3.: The Single Sheet competition

Entries must please be clearly marked “Livermore” or “Postcard” or “Single Sheet”, as the case may be, In the covering email. 

The Single Sheet competition is intended to allow maximum flexibility in entering an exhibit of ANY aspect of Rhodesian philately – for example stamps, postal history, postal stationery, artists, postmarks, open class (for example a story of an addressee e.g. Borrow, Rogers, Oates, Selous etc), ephemera, air mail, railways, revenue etc etc. The idea is to spread the net as wide as possible, to HAVE FUN putting the exhibits together and to SHARE our material and thought process on the subject chosen. The Zoom meetings that are being held through Melbourne, Manchester and California and the Journals give a taste of the vast array of material and subjects that may be exhibited.

Further information and the guidelines are set out below:

This competition/exhibition is open to all members of RSC.
1. The concept of this Virtual/Competition Exhibition may be explained as follows:
  • Exhibitors, after assembling the exhibit, will scan the individual page(s) and send to the email address mentioned below.
  • The exhibits will be judged by appointed members of the RSC.
  • The exhibits will be available for viewing on the RSC Website. As exhibits ‘arrive’, they will be placed on the website.
  • There will be a prize for the best exhibit in each competition.
  • Members may submit more than one entry.
  • Each page of your exhibit must be scanned at 300dpi as a separate PDF or J-PEG file. (i.e. up to 16 files to be uploaded).
  • Sheet numbers should be placed on the front bottom right corner of each page.
  • Exhibits must be forwarded by 16 April, 2021, to
Rules for the:

Please Contact Us for more information.

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