Umtali Printing & Publishing Co.

Umtali Printing & Publishing Co.


The Umtali Printing & Publishing Co. was an independent agent for Rhodesian Printing and Publishing Co (part of the Argus group).

In 1897, the company took over the printing of the Umtali Advertiser, changing the name to the Rhodesian Advertiser, and introduced hand-set type, giving Umtali its first printed newspaper.

In 1907 the Argus Company sold the Advertiser for £500 to Horace Freeman who owned it until ill health forced him to sell it in 1912 to Charles Eickhoff.

Eickhoff  found the burden of running the newspaper and its associated printing and book selling business, as well as his parliamentary and public duties, just too onerous and so, on August 1, 1934 he sold the Advertiser, the printing business the buildings and the property in Main Street to the Rhodesian Printing and Publishing Company and retired from journalism.

The Rhodesian Advertiser later became the Umtali Post.


  • Julian Schamroth