Travelling Post Office: 1953 Royal Tour

Travelling Post Office

1953 Royal Tour


According to the Rhodesian Herald, covers were to be sent to the Secretary, Royal Tour Covers, Staff Room 4, P.O. Box 61, Causeway. They were to arrive between the 2nd and 12th of July. Any requests after this date were not to be dealt with.

Although there was a a post office on the train, it was only for the passengers and staff use. None of the letters sent to Causeway travelled on the train.


Three royal Tour cachets have been identified, they appear to be the same as Types 1 and 3 of the 1947 Royal Visit. However, it is suggested that all three 1947 cancellers were used.

A single registration cachet was used. Again, this is believed to be the same one used for the 1947 Tour. The cachet is applied with violet ink and the registration number being a mechanical stamp with black ink.

However, violet-black examples do exist. The example above has the registration number hand-written. It is suggested these were posted on the Royal Train rather than Causeway.