Travelling Post Office: 1925 Royal Tour

Travelling Post Office

1925 Royal Tour

The Royal Train had its own Post Office, situated within a travelling post office van attached to a pilot train that kept ahead of the Royal Train by around 30 minutes. The post office was open 24 hours per day.

Approximately 9,000 articles (including Official Mail) were handled by the office, averaging 100 articles per day.

Postal Staff
  • C J Swift – Postmaster (Rhodesia)
  • Mr Harpham – Assistant
  • Mr Murrell – Assistant
  • Mr Cripham – Assistant


All mail on the Royal Train within was cancelled with the same canceller, no matter the country. The canceller was engraved by the Royal Mint.

A purple cachet was also applied in Southern Rhodesia between 3rd July and 16th July.

Philatelic Items