Tobacco Auctions (Nyasaland) Ltd

Tobacco Auctions (Nyasaland) Ltd



In 1937, the Native Tobacco Board (NTB) reached an agreement with the settler-run Nyasaland Tobacco Association to institute an auction system similar to what was introduced in Southern Rhodesia in 1936. Tobacco was taken to the auction floors of the newly developed company, Tobacco Auctions (Nyasaland) Ltd in Limbe, where it was sold from a corrugated iron warehouse built in 1936.

From 1939, Tobacco Auctions (Nyasaland) Ltd were competing with Producers Warehouse Limited. In 1962 they were amalgamated as Auction Holdings Nyasaland Limited. In 1965, following Malawi’s Independence, the company was renamed Auction Holdings Limited.


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