The Zambezi Trilogy: Book 1 – The Horns – Jill Baker

The Zambezi Trilogy

Book 1 – The Horns – Jill Baker

A compelling and deeply personal account of being born into what was first Southern Rhodesia, then Rhodesia and now Zimbabwe.

Jill Baker grew up with her best childhood playmates, three Matebele boys. The story grows through intriguing snapshots into the lives of each of the four characters until, as teenagers, the group meets again . . . this time, in the desolate historical sites of Matebeleland to discover, discuss, argue and, from their now diverse and singular perspectives, try to find answers for the future, by making sense of their country’s history.

About the author

Jill Baker spent her childhood in Matebeleland, daughter of a man dedicated to African education and Principal of three leading African schools. Her adult life on a farm was brought to an abrupt end with the unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) from Britain in 1965 and she worked for the next 18 years as a journalist, news and documentary presenter and producer in television and radio.

She emigrated to Australia to run a radio station and open her own business consultancy and her first book, Beloved African, a biography of her father’s life, was published in 2000.

Constantly in touch with Zimbabwe, and following a major crisis over there, she formed The Zimbabwe Connection to help many Zimbabweans immigrate to Australia. For her work, she was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2005. Burning motivation to tell this remarkable story, eight years of research and undercover trips to meet key players, resulted in The Horns, the first book of the Zambezi trilogy.

An accomplished public speaker, Jill has just completed a six-week tour of South Africa and Zimbabwe – delighted to find grateful acceptance for this lively history from black and white alike.