The World Post Card Co

The World Post Card Co



J. Murray Jordan (American, 1861-1909) was a noted photographer and publisher active during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Philadelphia and the West Indies. In 1903 he founded the World Post Card Company in 1903.

In the mid-1890s, Jordan had established a publishing house adjacent to Philadelphia’s City Hall, whose market consisted of photographic postcards and dozens of mass-printed photographic booklets designed for the tourist market. His publishing house also produced humorous postcards that parodied love, marriage, and modern society, halftone color and black-and-white folding panoramic postcards of urban and rural views, and even an occasional novel.

On January 23, 1909 Murray sailed from New York on the steamship Oceana for yet another tour of West Indian ports. Sometime after his return, on May 19, he died at home. On his death certificate the cause was listed as “alcoholism-delirium tremens”.