The Ridgeway Hotel

The Ridgeway Hotel


The Ridgeway Hotel began construction in 1952 in Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia. The interiors were designed by Terence Conan (working under Dennis Lennon). It was officially opened in 1953.

During the 1970’s the hotel suffered fierce competition from the Taj Pamodzi Hotel that had opened opposite it. Richard Chanter arrived in 1979 and undertook steps to revitalise the hotel. He was able to secure the hosting of the 1979 Commonwealth Conference.

During the 1980’s it focused on establishing a closer market with local Zambians and concentrating on providing the best entertainment. The hotel hosted functions such as the Show Society Annual Dinner of 1982 where Kenneth Kaunda and Prince Phillip were in attendance. By the mid 80’s it had a regular weekly radio show, a highly successful football team on the verge of a place in the Zambian super league and regular TV shows at Christmas and Easter.

In 2008, the hotel was re-modeled and is now known as the Southern Run Ridgeway Hotel.




  • James Gavin