The Queen’s Hotel

The Queen’s Hotel


The Queen’s Hotel was opened on 31 December 1899 on the eve of the twentieth century and consisted of a single storey building on the corner of Manica Road and Kaguvi Street and Pioneer Street. The street side of the building was wrapped in a long timber and iron verandah and the hotel had a billiards room, bar and a dining room which was equipped with a stage and acetylene lamps. A “U”- shaped block on the adjacent stand 418 behind comprised the bedrooms.

The first proprietor was George Farthing who purchased the hotel in 1904 when it featured significantly in the town’s early social and civic history. Disputes between the town’s citizens and the Council, or the BSA Company, often resulted in stormy meetings at the Queen’s Hotel. A rickshaw service, called the Salisbury rickshaw service, operated between the hotel and the Avenues from 1905 into the 1950’s.

The original balconies were replaced by a brick and concrete verandah in 1929 and the four-storey brick and stucco block was added in the 1950’s.