The Northern Assurance Company Limited

The Northern Assurance Company Limited


The Northern Assurance Company was established in Aberdeen in 1836 as the North of Scotland Fire and Life Assurance Company. It was incorporated under the Joint Stock Companies Registration Act and renamed the Northern Assurance Company under an act of parliament dated 30th June, 1848. The company initially had two departments, fire insurance and life assurance, which was divided into an assurance and an annuity branch.

In 1907, the company acquired the Compensation and Guarantee Fund and established departments for accident, employers’ liability and burglary insurance. On 1st September, 1908, the company was registered as a limited company, The Northern Assurance Company Ltd.

The company was acquired by the Commercial Union Assurance Company in 1968 and was re-registered as a private company on December 31 1981. In 2004, the company’s marine business was transferred to the Ocean Marine Insurance Company and its general business to CGU International Insurance plc.


  • James Gavin