The Navy League

The Navy League



The Navy League was established in 1894 in Great Britain. The League was established in New Zealand (Auckland) 20 January 1896 and later at Wellington 14 March 1904, and in Australia November 1900.

The United States of America adopted the US Navy League Sea Cadets in 1902. Other countries with branches of the Navy League were in South Africa, India, Canada, Hong Kong from the early 1900’s. Southern Rhodesia also had a branch.

In Rhodesia, the Navy League sponsored the Southern Rhodesia Sea Cadets Corps consisting of boys aged 13 to 21. The corps had branches in Salisbury and Bulawayo. In 1945, more than 350 Rhodesians were serving at sea in ships of the Royal Navy and South African Naval Forces with many of them trained in the cadets at Salisbury.



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