The Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia 1911-1980 (2nd Edition)


By Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes has replaced his current publication South of the Zambesi Supplement: Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia with a Second Edition entitled The Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia 1911-1980.

The 2nd Edition catalogues circular date stamps, postage paid date stamps, slogans, wave patterns and roller marks with illustrations. This has been updated in November, 2021, and the revised version can be downloaded below. A Summary of amendments November 2021 is also provided.

Mike Hughes has generously made the catalogue available as a free download with additional printing instructions are below.

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Printing Instructions

We have provided printing instructions for anyone wishing to have the downloaded document printed (and wire bound). This is due to the different presentation formats within the document.

  • Pages 01-02 – Print both sides, colour, portrait, on light card
  • Pages 03-58 – Print both sides, black and white, portrait
  • Pages 59-64 – Print both sides, black and white, landscape, Select flip on the long edge
  • Page 65       –  Print both sides, black and white, portrait.