The Goldfields of Matabeleland Limited

The Goldfields of Matabeleland Limited


The Goldfields of Matabeleland Ltd was a British Company that owned ‘development estates’ within Rhodesia. Owners of development estates were not required to develop the land until a Rand-type boom or a steady increase in land value made it worthwhile for the owner to sell. Revenue was received through Native rents, leases of sites, and timber and mining licenses.

During the 1890’s, the company acquired the Nyagadzi farm.

In 1896, with the assistance of Fletcher and Espin, Bulawayo, and Government Surveyors, they published the Fletcher and Epsin’s Map of Matabeleland. In 1897, they published a second map, Fletcher and Espin’s geological sketch map of Matabeleland.

On the 30th August, 1906, the company went into voluntary liquidation and was re-constructed as a company with the same name. It eventually returned to voluntary liquidation in July, 1909 and its assets were sold to Amalgamated Properties of Rhodesia Ltd.


  • James Gavin