The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland: Zenka Mission

The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Zenka Mission


Work at Zenka Mission began in 1924. As a result of the Government’s resettlement policies, Chief Bitisani and his people moved from where they had been living near Ingwenya Mission to the Shangani Reserve near the town of Nkayi, Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), approximately 80 miles north. Chief Bitisani afterwards requested that a preacher be sent and John Mpofu, with the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, answered the call.  Rev. Mpofu continued to minister there, assisted by his son Alexander, until 1957.

Rev. and Mrs. James Frazer began work at Zenka Mission in 1948.   Utilizing Mrs. Frazer’s training as a nurse, they opened a clinic. As of 1959, the clinic was seeing an average of 2000 patients per year.  Their daughter, Lilian, married Rev. Donald Macleod Campbell at Zenka in 1963.  Rev. Campbell served at Zenka 1961 to 1972.

As of 1959, Zenka’s primary school had 600 students.  Zenka Mission Primary School, which is still run by the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, is presently a feeder school to Mpumelelelo High School.  In 2004, the school won the Secretary’s Bell in recognition of its achievement.


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