The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland: Mbuma Mission

The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Mbuma Mission


The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland established Mbuma Mission in 1948 in the remote village of Mbuma, Matabeleland North, Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).  In 1954, missionary James Frazer opened a Teacher Training Center at the mission.  Situated thirty miles northwest of its mission in Zenka, Mbuma “was thought to be in a more central position in relation to the kraal schools than Zenka.”  By 1965, the mission was responsible for over 30 schools with a total of 144 teachers and 5120 students.  Mr. Frazer died 1959.

Medical work started at Mbuma in 1954.  The initial hospital building was constructed three years later and has greatly expanded since then. The first wing of the current hospital was built in 1962.  Currently, Mbuma Mission Hospital delivers a broad range of medical services and includes female and male wards, a labor ward (pre-natal and post natal care), operating room, laboratory, radiology, an opportunistic infections clinic, TB clinic and a home based care/Out-Patient Department.  As of 2016, the hospital had a staff of 92 and handled 2,055 admissions, including 806 maternity and 66 neonatal patients.

The Dutch Mbuma Mission Foundation (Mbuma Zending Board) has provided significant support (financial and medical volunteers) to the hospital since the 1960’s.



  • Mark Loomis