The Evangelical Alliance Mission: Mavuradontha Mission

The Evangelical Alliance Mission

Mavuradontha Mission

Missionaries from the Zambezi Mission established the Mavuradontha (Mavhuradonha) Mission and school near Mount Darwin in 1928.  The Danielsons, missionaries from the Scandinavian Alliance Mission (later renamed The Evangelical Alliance Mission – T.E.A.M.), stayed at Mavuradonha 1940-41 in preparation for establishing TEAM’s first mission station at Msengedzi. TEAM acquired the Mavuradonha mission station in 1951.

Mavuradonha was a remote mission station.  As described by TEAM missionaries Don and Lynn Hoyt who moved to Mavuradonha in 1953:

“The transition was challenging- nights under mosquito netting; limited electrical power; kerosene lamps; hot water supplied from drums heated by wood; a running battle with termites and spiders, occasional snakes, lizards, and scorpions in the house; constant attention to the water pump; the night symphony of hyenas, leopards chasing baboons, and village dogs; and the morning overture of the guinea fowl. But it was the greatest place in the world to live.”

Another missionary serving at Mavuradonha in 1953, Norman Everswick, began teaching bible studies to a group of six students which laid the foundation for the Evangelical Bible School – later becoming the Harare Theological College. Mary Danielson taught at Mavuradonha Central Primary School for ten years following the death of her husband of Typhoid fever in 1943. Eunice Ott taught at Mavuradonha and helped out in the dispensary 1951-1956. K. Marie Schober taught at the mission from 1952-1964.

In 1974, Mavuradonha was the site of the tragic killing of Mr. Rhichard Tsinaknadi, who was savagely beaten to death with a pole allegedly by members of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU).

Mavuradonha is presently the site of Mavuradonha High School administered by the Evangelical Church of Zimbabwe.


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