The Evangelical Alliance Mission: Kapfunde Mission

The Evangelical Alliance Mission

Kapfunde Mission

As additional missionaries arrived from the United Sates, The Evangelical Alliance Mission (T.E.A.M.) expanded its operations in 1953 and opened new mission stations including at Kapfunde (Kapfundi).  The mission was located near Karoi, Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia) approximately 50 miles from Chinhoyi.  This was the first T.E.A.M. mission to be located away from the Mozambique border. There was no electricity until 1957 when missionaries Onan and Myrtle Finsaas brought a generator with them, which they operated only 4 hours per day.

Classes to train African church leaders began at Mavuraonha Mission in 1953.  Due to growth, it was decided to move the program to the new mission at Kapfunde.  With a grant from the Moody Bible Institute, the fledging Evangelical Bible School was completed in 1955, consisting of a classroom and ten thatched huts to house families of the students. By 1958, three men had completed the three-year course.  A

3- month course was later added “on the local level to train villagers as lay evangelists.” Administration of the “Light of Life” correspondence course was moved to Kapfunde in 1958 with Marian Wilterdink taking over its leadership.  By 1965 the Bible school had grown again to where a new facility was needed, and the school was moved to a new campus in Chinhoyi.  The school would later become the Harare Theological College.  When the Bible school moved out, the former classroom was converted into a clinic.

Unfortunately, the mission site is in decline.  As of 2009, “evidence of decay was visible on all the buildings and the grounds.”  The clinic was still in operation, run by the Evangelical Church of Zimbabwe (ECZ), but the facility was without power and a single nurse was “struggling to run the clinic” due to lack of supplies and assistance. There is also a primary and secondary school.

In addition to those noted above, T.E.A.M. missionaries who worked at Kapfunde Mission include: Wilfred & Dorothy Strom; Lynn and Judy Everswick; Carl and Donna Hendrickson; and Lorraine Waite.