The Cedarholms

The Cedarholms

Clarence and Gladys Cedarholm served as The Evangelical Alliance Mission(TEAM) missionaries in Southern Rhodesia from 1953 to 1978. Clarence’s call to missions came while serving as a medical corpsman in WWII onboard the USS New Mexico.  Many of his fellow crewmen were killed when a kamikaze pilot hit the ship.  Clarence felt that he had been spared for some reason.  He was also upset by the way many of his shipmates treated natives when they were on shore leave.  He committed his life “to serving the underprivileged of the third world who know nothing of Jesus and had been taken advantage of and treated so poorly by American soldiers.”

In 1953, Clarence and his wife Gladys took a freighter from New York to Cape Town, South Africa with their 3-year old son and 3-month old daughter to serve as missionaries.  They then drove a pickup truck north into the interior of Africa settling in the remote Zambesi Valley of Zimbabwe. They would serve in a number of TEAM missions including Msengedzi and at “the Plot” in Hatfield/Harare.  Their two younger children were born while they were in Africa.

Gladys died at age 86 in 2013.  Clarence preceded her in death 15 years earlier.  They had been married 50 years.