The Arnhold Collection

The Arnhold Collection

17th May, 2012


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H E Arnhold 1921-2011

Hans Eduard Arnhold was born on December 10th 1921 in Dresden, Germany.
A son and grandson of an important and traditional family of Saxony bankers,
he showed an early interest in philately. Eduard became a serious collector on
receiving part of his father, Kurt Arnhold’s prestigious collection which included
the stamps of the British Empire.

As a boy in the 1930’s Eduard was prevented from studying in his native country
by the anti-semitic laws at the time. As a result he went to school at Chateau
d’Oex in Switzerland. By December 1939 the stage was set for the Second World War and Eduard left from the UK, departing to Rio de Janeiro as a jewish refugee. He took his
beloved stamp collection with him.

By the early 1940’s he settled with his parents in Sao Paolo where he later
established both a family and a business. His collecting hobby became a passion which stayed with him until the last days of his life. Eduard spent the last fifteen years of his life in the small seaside town of Itapema in the state of Santa Catarina where he had studied nature, another of his passions.

He died on May 25th 2011 aged 89.

March 2012

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