The 1d Double Head: Plating and Positioning

The plating and positioning of the 1d Double Head is a task that has preoccupied a number of enthusiasts for many a year. In a 2003 presentation, Keith Watkins quoted from The Philatelic Magazine of 1 November, 1917:

(Writing about the 1d Double Head) .. we can vouch for the existence of the above 23 varieties .. there remain 77 more to complete the plate. Any reader finding the full number will be awarded a first class ticket to the nearest Lunatic Asylum.

Stephen Reah-Johnson once reflected that the Penny Double Head is like a desert into which great philatelists wander and are then never heard from again.

So, in order to assist those brave who wish to venture into this abyss, we offer some support.

Firstly, two diagrams from Ian Hamilton which offer one an initial guide as to positioning:


What follows is a detailed analysis obtained through the work of Keith Watkins and Charles Temple and others:

To follow this analysis one must use the Thirkell Co-ordinates

In addition, here are some Positioning Diagrams 1-100 ex Bill O’Connell which are another useful resource in this study.

And something very exciting. Bob Gibbs has begun detailed work on writing up each individual position on Plate A and Plate B. This is a work-in-progress and will be added to over time.

Plate A

Plate B