Terms and Conditions & Privacy Statement

Our Terms and Conditions

  1. All subscriptions are for one year.
  2. The subscription year is from 1st January until 31st December. Subscriptions received after 1st September will take effect 1st January the following year.
  3. If you do not renew your subscription, your membership is considered revoked at the end of the paid subscription year.

Privacy Statement

  1. Your personal data consists of your name, addresses, email, phone number, and collecting interests.
  2. Your personal data is securely stored on computing equipment held by members of the Rhodesian Study Circle Council.
  3. Your personal data is used for membership records, subscription and mailing purposes by the Rhodesian Study Circle Council.
  4. Your personal data may be provided to other members of the Rhodesian Study Circle or third parties (such as Auction Houses) where you have provided your consent at time of membership or by advising the Secretary at a later time.
  5. You can, at any time, revoke your consent to have your personal details provided to other members or third parties at the time of your membership order, or later, by contacting the Secretary
  6. It is your responsibility to ensure your personal details is updated and correct. You can update your personal details any time by contacting the Secretary.
  7. You can request a copy of your personal details held by the Rhodesian Study Circle at any time by making a written request to the Secretary.
  8. If contacting us, your email may be added to our email list. You can unsubscribed from this list at any time.