St Patrick’s Mission

St Patrick’s Mission


St. Patrick’s Mission (St. Patrick’s parish) is located in Mzilikazi, a suburb of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (part of Makokoba “Constituency”/Township). St. Patrick’s Mission was established by the Jesuits as of 1902.

Mzilikazi is named after the founder of the Ndebele nation, King Mzilikazi. Prior to independence, Makokoba (Makhokhoba) was a segregated township of Bulawayo.  The development of trade unionism began in Makokoba in 1928. In 1945, an important strike by railway workers started there.

Places of Interest

Postal Services

The initial postal agent was Mrs M E Ashwin, the secretary to St Patrick’s Mission. Father Smith originally oversaw the agency. The postal agency was situated at the mission from 1 December 1960. On 1 December 1961, the agency was renamed Rosmalind.