Spink – 18.03.2015

Rhodesia Double Head Issue from the Vestey Collection

18th March, 2015

Spink 18.03.2015


This remarkable sale is the second in the Lord Vestey series of auctions that feature Rhodesia. This sale devoted to the lovely Double Head issue is packed with fabulous blocks and single item rarities from the wealth of printings and shades associated with the issue.

Items of note include the ½d. pair and 1d. block of eight imperforate between, ½d. imperforate pair and block of six, 3d. RSC “G” corner block of four, 4d. RSC “D” block of ten and a single, 5d. lake-brown and green, 6d. RSC “C”, 8d. black and purple corner block of four and single, wonderful high values with 7/6d. RSC “C” block of eight and the £1 error of colour unique corner block of four with gash in ear.

There then follows a fine array of the perf. 15, combined perfs. and perf. 13½ printings. An outstanding offering for the specialist.


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Status: Closed

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