Southern Africa Philately No.8

  • Philatelic Forum 1927 ½d Springbok with a partial Double Impression
  • Philatelic Forum Interesting snippets in The Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly
  • Philatelic Forum 1946 An Unscheduled Visitor to Tristan da Cunha
  • Philatelic Forum When were the ORC Overprints Demonetised (Update)
  • Philatelic Forum The Fabulous Pelham Collection
  • Philatelic Forum RSA Major Varieties (Update)
  • Philatelic Forum Stanley Gibbons  A Romantic Tale Develops
  • Philatelic Forum The First Man to Post Himself
  • Philatelic Forum South West Africa – 1973 ‘April Fool’
  • Philatelic Forum Privately Produced Airmail Label
  • South Africa The last Printings of the 2d Union Buildings
  • South Africa ‘Rare’ Union Officials – A Legacy of Hinko Suklje
  • Transvaal – Mozambique The Transvaal and Delgoa Bay
  • Airmails 1937 By Air – Brisbane to Cape Town  a Remarkable Lady
  • Southern Rhodesia 1938  1952 King George VI Booklets
  • Bechuanaland Cape Colony Confusion Regarding the Bechuanalands
  • South Africa WWII Maritime Labels
  • South West Africa 1967 The HALALI Hunting Horn Cancellation
  • South Africa Table Mountain as seen on Stamps
  • Railways South African ‘Rail’ versus ‘Station’
  • Northern Rhodesia Confusion at Mkushi
  • Pioneering Philately The South African Stamp Collector (1916 – 17)
  • Maritime Irvin and Johnson Connection with Kreguelen
  • Postal Orders The Evolution of South Africa Overprints on G.B. Postal Orders
  • Republic of South Africa RSA Philatelic Foundation Souvenir Sheets
  • South Africa South Africa King’s Heads  Inverted Watermarks
  • Tristan Da Cunha ‘Boetie’ Davidson and Tristan da Cunha
  • SWA Essays for the 1984 Centenary of German Colonisation (Back cover)

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