Sir Leopold Frank Moore

Sir Leopold Frank Moore


Sir Leopold Frank Moore was born in London, England in 1868. He was a chemist and newspaper proprietor, and later a member of the Northern Rhodesia Legislative Council. He married Katherine Maud Moore in Mafeking, South Africa. Originally based on the Northern Bank of the Zambezi at the Old Drift, he would later resettle at Livingstone.

In 1898, L F Moore (first chairman) helped form the Pharmaceutical Society of Rhodesia in Bulawayo with six founder members namely Mr. H. W. Smart, Mr. W. D. Copley (first Secretary), Mr. C. F. Conrath, Mr. C. Cattel and Mr. Scott. Moore soon became ‘President’.

Mr. L. F. Moore, after a brief experience of journalism in Bulawayo, took a mimeograph, stencil and paper to Livingstone on 31st March, 1906, and started the Livingstone Mail. At first a Roneo was used, but in 1908, Mr. Moore imported a “cropper” and continued to use that machine, which involved hand-setting and re-distributing type after printing, until 1911, when he set up the Typograph.

Moore was outspoken critic against the British South Africa Company in North Western Rhodesia and was a major supporter of establishing Livingstone as the centre of North Western Rhodesia. His criticisms highlighted the poor transport links between Livingstone and the Falls as a significant handicap to tourism.

By August 1906 rumours were in circulation concerning the ongoing campaign by the residents, led by Moore and the Livingstone Mail, to relocate Livingstone to a site closer to the Falls. It was believed that the Administration had requested £60,000 in order to move both the capital at Kalomo and the town of Livingstone to a new site in the vicinity of the Bridge Engineers Camp. A front-page headline from the Livingstone Mail in June 1907 claiming that the move had been approved turned out to be wishful thinking.

He died 15th May, 1945 in Livingstone due to cancer.



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