Seventh Day Adventist Church: Nyazura Mission

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Nyazura Mission


After 1980, the Inyazura Mission became known as Nyazura Mission.

On 3rd February, 1981 the mission witnessed the tragic murder of two British Seventh-Day Adventist teachers at the mission school.  Donald Lale was bludgeoned to death and his wife, Ann, shot by Mozambique guerrillas who reportedly said they were going to kill missionaries in revenge for an earlier South African raid into Mozambique. The couple were due to take furlough but decided to stay so as not to disrupt plans.

The school, now known as the Nyazura Adventist High School, had an enrollment of 775 as of 2017 (686 boarding students) and is under the authority of the East Zimbabwe Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.


  • Mark Loomis